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The Old World was built with Gold and Silver. When you care about your money, you care about what you spend it on. One Treasure Traded for Another—What Will You Trade Your Treasures For?!

It’s Cold Hard Cash—Baby! I Believe By 2020^ Gold will see $2900+/oz, and Silver $100+/oz!

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For My Gold and Silver Coins & Bars I Accept …


Barter/Exchange/Trade, or Private Offer, or Paper Money in Canadian Dollars Or US Dollars at $1CA:$1US


Canada OnlyEFT from your Bank Account [ Interac E-Mail Money Transfer/Electronic Funds Transfer ]


InternationalBitCoin or LiteCoin [ Email for details ]


InternationalCredit Card or Bank Account via PayPal [ Transaction Handling Fee of 3.15% will Apply to All PayPal  payments. ]


Canada & USAMoney Order, Certified Cheque, or Bank Draft [ Max $5’000.00 Canadian Funds per issue ]


InternationalSpecial Payment Arrangements, Subject to approval. [ Email Me Now! ]


InternationalBank Wire, Subject to approval.

Silver and Gold have been Money for Over 4000 Years, and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon! Even right now, Every Day, around the entire planet, Gold and Silver are traded, exchanged, bartered, and used as Money, to buy things, obtain things, get things, or to Save Money, Preserve Wealth, and Build Personal Treasure Chests, to use as YOU see fit!

In the past 100 years the US Dollar has lost over 95% of it’s Value ! And, In the past 100 years Gold and Silver have GAINED 1500%! So, What’s under Your Mattress?!

So, if you had just $100.00 in the Bank in 2000, with an average interest rate of 0.5%, and a monthly bank fee of $10.00, today you would have approximately NEGATIVE, yup, (-$1250.00). (You’d Owe Over One Thousand Dollars!). And, If you kept it under your mattress you’d have $100.00 (But that $100.00 buys 40% less today, than it did in 2000!).

ButIf you had bought a tiny $100.00 piece of Gold, that Gold today is worth over $400.00*; And, if it was $100.00 in Silver Coins that Silver today is worth over $375.00*! (*As at: 07/14/13).

So, you see—You Need To Have Cold Hard Cash—Baby!

So, What IS Money?
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