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Iím a Private and Independent Physical Silver and Gold Investor, Collector and Trader, and decided to open this website to facilitate my Trading, Collecting, Offering for Public/Private Purchase, and Buying of Gold and Silver. I hope youíll enjoy my offerings, and I hope to hear from you should you have inquires, or if you wish to purchase, sell, trade, or exchange Gold and Silver; Or, barter with me with in or for Gold and Silver for Goods and Services.

I buy, sell, trade, barter, and exchange, and have used both Silver and Gold as my Daily Money for over 25 Years; So, I guess you could say I have a little bit of experience in Precious Metals.

I do not own or operate a Metals or Bullion company, nor do I sell, speak, or present myself here on behalf of any Company, Mine, Corporation or Business EntityóI am a PRIVATE AND INDEPENDENT FAIR VALUE PRERCIOUS METALS COLLECTOR and TRADER. is the name of a URL that I have owned for over 5 years, so I thought that I would moniker my Online Presence with and through the name La Vita Silver.

All the Silver and Gold that I offer, trade, exchange, barter, and/or use and utilize, is from my Personal and Private Collections and Reserves. This means that I Absolutely Guarantee that All the Silver and Gold that I personally trade, is 100% Genuine and 100% Authentic. I also Personally Guarantee All Purchases with a 3 Day Buy Back Policy, of the Purchased Metals at the Price Paid, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your acquisition within 3 days of your acquiring it. (Email Me for Terms and Details).

Welcome you all to La Vita Silver, on, and please enjoy your stay!

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I Deal Only in 999 Fine, or Better, Gold and Silver.


I Offer a 3 Day Buy Back Guarantee!


I Believe Everyone should have the opportunity to own Gold and Silver.


I Believe in Fair Trade, Fair Exchanges, and Fair Deals.


I Buy, Sell, Trade, Exchange, and Collect Silver and Gold Bullion Coins and Bars.


You Deserve a Fair Shot at Every Deal, so Make Me an Offer on, or for, Anything!


You Deserve a Fair Shot at Financial Freedom, and both Gold and Silver have helped people do so for over 4000 Years.


You Deserve Honest Dealers, and You Deserve Respect, Iíll give you Honesty and Respect in Every Deal.


Together we can help each other in a spirit of cooperation and friendly dealings, for many years to come!

Disclaimer: All Investments are subject to the risk of Loss Of Capital; All Investments are At Your Own Risk; Nothing on this site is to be considered Financial Advice or Investment Advice; All Sales Final, subject to 3 Day Buy Back Policy. Sales on ďas isĒ basis.