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Text Box: 999 Fine Silver—Generic

The Same 999 Fine Silver, or Better, but Generic Silver has some of the lowest market Premiums, making it both a Smart Choice, and Wise Decision, whether you are adding Coins & Bars, Insulating against premium fluctuation, or cost averaging!

Product Summary

· See the Sunshine Coin or Buffalo Coin on YouTube! (Videos Not Produced by Me).

· Great For Beginners and Experts

· Low Prices and Low Premiums

· Easy to Store, Trade, and Barter with

· Excellent for Saving towards Future Goals

· 999 Fine Silver— Guaranteed!

Price: Make Me An Offer,  Any Quantity!

SKU/Item Number: GSFSRB (Prefix)

CURRENTLY OFFERING: 1oz 999 Silver Sunshine Minting Rounds, or 1 oz 999 Silver Buffalos!

Secure Voicemail and Fax Available At:

Edmonton, Tel. & Fax: +1 (780) 851 4451

Vancouver, Tel. & Fax: +1 (778) 300 6691


Disclaimer: All Investments are subject to the risk of Loss Of Capital; All Investments are At Your Own Risk; Nothing on this site is to be considered Financial Advice or Investment Advice; All Sales Final, subject to 3 Day Buy Back Policy. Sales on “as is” basis.

Produced by a wide variety of Mints and Artisans around the world, Generic Fine Silver Bars and Rounds are some of the best acquisitions you can make to preserve and store maximum value and future potential.


These Coins and Bars typically sell at a lower premium that other Coins and Bars, and so allow you to reduce your final and/or total costs. Of course the more you save in the end, the more you can potentially earn in the future!


For First Time Collectors, Investors, and Traders, Generic Silver offers a great opportunity to getting started at low costs, while holding value, and for Seasoned Collectors, Investors, and Traders, offers an opportunity to cost average, buy in quantity, or reduce acquisition costs.