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Text Box: 999 Fine Gold—Generic

My Slated Inventory for Winter/Spring 2014 Release has COMPLETELY Liquidated! But, I have lots more, so keep an eye out here, for when I decide to let some Nice Shiny Generic Coins go from my collection! I may start selling these again before May 2014—keep watch!

Product Summary

· Excellent Way to Preserve, Grow, and Protect Your Personal Wealth!

· Easy to trade and exchange

· 999 Fine Gold, or Better, in Purity

· Beautiful Patterns, Designs, and Castings and Presses

· Perfect way to Start, or add to, a Collection, and Future Planning!

Price: Only Through Private Solicitations.

SKU/Item Number: GAURND (Prefix)


Secure Voicemail and Fax Available At:

Edmonton, Tel. & Fax: +1 (780) 851 4451

Vancouver, Tel. & Fax: +1 (778) 300 6691


Disclaimer: All Investments are subject to the risk of Loss Of Capital; All Investments are At Your Own Risk; Nothing on this site is to be considered Financial Advice or Investment Advice; All Sales Final, subject to 3 Day Buy Back Policy. Sales on “as is” basis.

Generic Fine Gold, like generic Fine Silver, offers New Gold Collectors, Traders, and Investors, as well as Experienced Collectors, Traders, and Investors some great benefits!


Premiums on Generic Fine Gold tend to be lower, and the overall values hold better as it’s not subject to ‘subjective and aesthetic valuation’ as much as Mint Produced Coins and Rounds.


Equally Shiny, Equally Brilliant in Colour and Quality, Generic Gold let’s you get into starting or adding to your collections in a cost effective manner, while preserving your wealth, and buffering you from higher the costs of acquisition for only or mainly aesthetic and rarity/low mintages.