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Text Box: 999 Fine Gold—Minted

My Slated Public Inventory for Winter/Spring 2014 release has COMPLETELY Liquidated! But, I have access to Lots of Gold at All Times, so If you want some just send me an email and I’d be happy to discuss your needs, and entertain your inquiries for a Private Sale.

Product Summary

· 999 Fine Gold, or Better, in Purity

· Minted by Recognized Institutions like the Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, Austrian Mint, and More!

· Internationally Recognized, and Super Convenient to Trade and Exchange!

· Spectacular Designs which are both Beautiful and Aesthetically Pleasing

· Excellent way to preserve wealth, save for the future and big purchases, and Super Easy To Store!

Price: Only Through Private Solicitations.

SKU/Item Number: GLDMNT (Prefix)


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Edmonton, Tel. & Fax: +1 (780) 851 4451

Vancouver, Tel. & Fax: +1 (778) 300 6691


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When only the Best of The Best in Gold Counts Premium Mints like the Royal Canadian Mint is one of my First Choices for Purity; Boasting an impressive purity rating of 99.99% Fine. Fully Guaranteed and Backed by the Government of Canada, these Gold Coins and Bars are a Sure Fire way to Protect, Preserve, Build, and Grow you Personal Wealth—One Ounce, One Kilo, or One Standard Good Delivery Bar at a time!


I have a wide range of products available for purchase by private offer only, so please feel free to send me an email if you are a serious buyer, barter merchant, or trader, and I would be happy to discuss your interests.


1 Oz Coins and Bars through 1 Kilo Bars are available by personal inquiry.

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