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Collections, when completed, offer one of the most Stable and High Value Preservation options in the world of Silver. From around the globe spectacular Series and Collections are released, which are must sought after, and sell out quickly! Get A Piece Today!

Product Summary

· High Value Preservation, with Maximization on Completion of Series or Collection

· Offers Amazing Quality, Beauty, and in a single word are just plain SEXY!

· Missing Pieces to almost completed collections can yield Amazingly High Premiums, Sales Offers, and Trade Values; with the right buyer!

· A great way to get Kids and Young Adults involved in Precious Metals, and giving them a great start on their futures!

Price: Make Me An Offer, Any Quantity!

SKU/Item Number: AGAUCL (Prefix)

CURRENTLY OFFERING: Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz 9999 Fine Silver Moose and Antelope Coins

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Edmonton, Tel. & Fax: +1 (780) 851 4451

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Disclaimer: All Investments are subject to the risk of Loss Of Capital; All Investments are At Your Own Risk; Nothing on this site is to be considered Financial Advice or Investment Advice; All Sales Final, subject to 3 Day Buy Back Policy. Sales on “as is” basis.

From such stellar collections like the Canadian Wildlife Series, to the Australian Perth Mint Kookaburra Series, and everything in between, collecting the pieces is important to maximize the value of any collection!


I am not personally a Collector Of Series, but I do like the occasional piece, so I tend to acquire some collectables along my way.


I am currently releasing the following coins from my collections and reserves for Offer:


1 oz 9999 Fine Silver RCM* Moose Coins


1 oz 9999 Fine Silver RCM* Antelope Coins


*RCM = Royal Canadian Mint