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Reliable Resources and Industry Insight

We all need Reliable Resources, here are a few Links to get some information about Gold & Silver:

1) Sprott Asset Management

2) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Website

3) ZeroHedge (It’s Spicy Baby!)

Links & Resources

Welcome to the Links and Resources Page. Here you can find some general information on Silver and Gold, from Prices to Predictions, from leading Industry Participants like Eric Sprott, to Colourful Economics Commentators like Gerald Celente, and even Links to GoldMoney and GATA (the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee, U.S.A.). Have Fun Folks!

Precious Metals Prices, Today!

Knowing the Prices is always important, so I’ve provided some links to help you below:

1) Gold and Silver Price, and Commentary

2) Jim Rickards (interesting perspectives)

3) Silver Price Predictions (Woo Yea Buddy!)

Your Gold & Silver—What’s the Real Value?

A simple formula to determine a Basic Generic Silver & Gold Value in Physical Metal vs. Chart Price. ( +/- 7.5%, either side )

The Chart Price X 1.30* = Avg. Physical Value

The Chart Price X 1.5* = Avg. Re-Sale Value

So $20.00 Silver, Physically is about $25.00.

[ *Current for 2014-Q1; Subject to Change ]

The News—Or, “What they’re Not Telling You”

The News you see everyday on TV is filtered in many ways, and there are many things you’re not being told! Take a look at what you’re missing…

1) RT TV—On YouTube (Must Watch TV!)

2)  McAlvany Financial Resources (YouTube)

3) Catherine Austin Fitts, (One Smart Lady!)

The Old and The New—Learn About BitCoin!

Since 2008, Alternative Currencies have fast become a Global Phenomenon. Learn a bit about BitCoin, LIteCoin, and more by reading below…

1) An Introduction. and Get A Digital  Wallet

2) LiteCoin and Alternative Currency Info!

3) Learn a little about Barter and Trade Here!




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